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What is the Alexander Technique?
Alexander Technique helps us be more comfortable in our bodies, eliminating stiffness and pain caused by habitual contraction. It is helpful for neck and back pain, hand problems, coordination, walking, balance, bending, reaching, lifting, healing after injury, public speaking, playing music, singing, computer use, posture, poise and more.

You can eliminate or decrease neck and shoulder stiffness, back pain, hand problems, hip and leg stiffness. Alexander Technique improves overall coordination and balance. It’s a great help for using a computer, playing music, walking, lifting, healing after injury and breathing.

Why does Alexander Technique have such wide application?
We often habitually tighten our neck, back and legs even when doing simple, daily tasks. We sometimes accept tight muscles as normal, adding to our stiffness and stress. Over time we compensate for the sensory misinformation conveyed by our habits in unhelpful ways. The Alexander technique addresses the problems of habitual tightening by showing us new, easier ways to use the body. Almost everybody benefits from increased awareness of habits, muscular effort and balance. Office workers, musicians, nurses, carpenters, dentists, software engineers, housecleaners, teachers may all have something in common -- habits that interfere with efficient use of the body. Whatever we do can become lighter and easier with gentle guidance.

Nora Nausbaum instructs a student during a private lesson.

Use the Alexander Technique to regain some of the curiosity, ease, and lightness of a child.

Office workers learn the Alexander Technique as a powerful tool to prevent back and neck pain, and Repetitive Strain Injuries.